Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Catra Fan Art

"Rwowrr... I'll get you SHE-RA!"

Lol, I've been watching a lot of She Ra with my Daughter lately. It's her favorite show and she even had a She Ra themed birthday. Most of the kids her age have no clue who She Ra is and I just love it that my girl likes and watches the same shows that I did when I was a kid. So, we watch a lot of Motu shows and I decided to do some fan art. I was inspired by this guy I found on deviantart who goes by the handle AldgerRelpha and his Motu fan art is fantastic. Anyways, in my spare time I've been noodling around with this image and I finally had the time to wrap it up and post it. I figured that I'd start with an Evil Villain before I moved onto a Heroic Hero. I've got a couple more in the works so stand by for more and let me know if you like it and if there are any characters that you'd like to see.


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