Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sketch dump Feb 2009

Ok, so I couldn't wait a couple of days. So Sue me.

what we have here today are select pages from my sketchbook. I had to retire my last one after Christmas and I bought this cheap Super Deluxe Aqua Bee thing and it is terrible to draw in. TERRIBLE! But, I'm not one to waste so I'm slogging through it with determination.

Here Goes..

Page O Hands. One can never master this aspect of the human form. Or so I keep telling myself.

More Hands and some Solomon Kane studies. I love Solomon Kane.

Sitting around doodling whilst watching " Two Mules for Sister Sarah" a Clint Eastwood classic.

Quick Head Studies.

More Head studies

And... the Predator. This one was a quickie in the Ol sketchbook executed in Markers, Ink and .... Black Currant Tea!

Thanks for stopping by even though I have not been the most attentive to keeping this blog updated. Currently I am considering Re-vamping the look of this blog so who knows what this place will look like in a few months. Stay tuned as I plan on posting some more sketches within the next couple of days.