Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Guildhall Review

I found another review of Guildhall on You tube. It`s a few months old but I thought that I`d post it here. They seem to think the Pig Farmer is Creepy ( hah Hah Tom!) but over all they rated my work `Pretty Good Artwork, Very Catchy`. Check it out if you so inclined....

People who hate Bob Ross probably advocate drowning kittens!

I was trolling the internet the other day and came across the Bob Ross remix video and I just had to re post this. If you are an artist and this doesn`t put a smile on your face then that sucks for you. I`ve met lots of artists who have an unreasonable amount of Hate for this man and his work which I attribute to jealousy. Sure, he`s no Rembrant. But, in his time, he made a significant impact on the painting community as a whole and inspired millions in his lifetime. He has such an encouraging attitude which I think is very important for beginning painters. Learning the medium can be very intimidating and he helped millions to overcome that. I still have `The Joy of Painting`sitting on my bookshelf and I just like looking at it for what it is.  I personally think he was under rated as a painter by the art community because of his commercial success. But when you look a this ability to create a composition and his mastery of his technique, I suggest that he was a bonafide Master painter in his own right. In fact, I had a throw down with my wife the other day because I claimed that Bob Ross was a better painter than Emily Carr who I think is incredibly over rated. lol ;) needless to say that didn`t go over very well.

Anyways, enjoy the Ross Video.