Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Beholder

Time to get your Nerd on!
For all of you D& D geeks out there I put together a redesign of one of my favorite monsters. The Beholder. Now traditionally, the beholder is a floating eye with a mouth and the stalks are on top of it's head. At least thats what I've read. But to me, the beholder was more of a floating eye with stalks all over its body forming wavy patterns and basically a creature that you CAN NOT sneak up on.

I put together a quick animation of the Eye stalk blasting a hapless adventurer.

Rattle of Bones: Process Images

I don't now about you but I always enjoy it when an artist puts up an image that demonstrates his/ her process when creating something.
So for the project, I created an animated Gif for my favorite Character Portrait to do just that enjoy.

The Innkeeper:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rattle of Bones: Story Boards

In this post I will share the story board work as well as the Animatic for this project.

Below I have a few sample pages from the Board as a whole. In addition to this, I will include a .pdf version so that if you are interested, you can see the whole project in it's entirety.

If you would like to see the whole sequence, you can download a .pdf version here.

Another Sample Page. This one demonstrates different types of finishes that I can present.

Lastly we have the Animatic:

Rattle of Bones. Concept Design

At long last I am releasing a personal project of mine based off of the poplar R.E.Howard Character Solomon Kane.Just before my daughter was born a buddy of mine challenged me to do some comic panels based off of a story that I liked. Now life takes you on all kinds of ups and downs but I never forgot about the challenge and I always told myself that I would get back to it. So,this past year, I decided to stop mulling it over and start doing it for real.
Characteristically of me, I decided to take the challenge to the next level and not only story board the tale but also Concept Design the project, and I figured that it was a good way to revamp my portfolio in the process.

Over the past couple of months I have created story boards, an Animatic, Character Designs, Prop Weapon and Environment Concepts.
This project has been a lot of fun to do and I'm glad that I did it.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments as I am always glad to respond and get feedback.

Solomon Kane® and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Conan Properties International LLC unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.
The artwork displayed is strictly Fan Art and copyright © Mike Perry Art.com 2012. Reproduction is expressly forbidden without the written permission of the artist.

I even had to throw in a Logo for good Measure!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Paul Lasaine and Brush Creation Tutorial

This year I am going to post more. At least this is what I keep telling myself. Now, I have a ton of links and info bookmarked all over my computer but how often do I share them? Almost never. I just horde them and cackle to myself with triumph at their discovery. Cheesy, I know, but I am an art geek and proud of it. But, with the spirit of the new year, I will share.

Today, we have the art blog of Paul Lasaine. This guy is awesome! Go to one of his blogs and enjoy. He is an amazing concept artist / painter and most of you should recognize his work from the Lord of the Rings.

In particular, he put up a useful tutorial on how to make a custom brush in Photoshop. I like this tutorial because he both goes into depth on the technical end as well as in the practical application. This is very useful and inspiring and I thought that I would share. http://paullasaine.blogspot.com/2008/01/photoshop-brush-tutorial.html

In the future, I'll put up a section in this blog with links to excellent resources and tutorials that you all may find useful.


Now go out and be inspired...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 #1

Where Have I been?!

Sorry all for not posting. It's not that I haven't been busy, just the opposite and I'm only now getting around to posting a sample of what I've been working on.

In case you've noticed, my website is down for now as I am in the process of relaunching my brand so stay tuned for more info on that as well.

Enough with the chit chat, on to the work!

Firstly, I entered a couple of Ch0w contests on CA and here are the results:
The first one is a Soviet Space admiral. I rarely ever get to do Sci Fi and I had a lot of fun working on this one.


Process Images:

This one is a Dryad. As of now, I'm not happy with the way this one turned out and I plan on revisiting it and making it more my own.



I polished up the Studio Y Female Space Poker character here.

A Zombie Character sheet of Nick. No his right arm is not too low, he is carrying his lunch! :)

Churchill Tank from WW2:

Anatomy Study:
I've bee working on a series of these in my spare time and evenings to polish up my anatomy etc. It's been great fun and if you would like to see more, swing by my CA sketchbook for more.

That's it for now

Thanks for stopping in!