Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DragonLance and Fantasy

In an effort to round out my portfolio I drew a few " Old School" Dragon Lance and D&D images.

The first one is from one of my favorite DL Modules # 6 Dragons of Ice. No one has ever written a story that does justice to this part of the DL saga. I always enjoyed it and it was a chance to draw all of my favorite characters.

The following are two Marko Durjdevic inspired character designs. This guy is the Dragon highlord Feal-Thas who I feel never got the exposure he deserved.

Here is one for the Major character Laurana.

This last one is my version of a Beholder. I know it does not conform with the present depictions of these beasts but this is how I always envisioned them and so that's how I'm going to draw em!

Story Boards #2

A friend of mine showed me some story boards from a project that he had worked on and he asked me if I could do storyboards? Well, I decided to take his boards and re-do them my way. I have taken a little bit of creative liscense with some of the camera angles and shots but basically, it's a shot for shot remake. No markers this time, just tonal work using pencils.


Story Board for " Pulling Through"

Here is a more " polished" story board that I worked on over the Christmas holidays. It is based on a script entitled " Pulling Through" © 2007, All Rights Reserved Registered, WGAw: # 714352 by James Wesley Rawles and can be found here or you can check out more of his work on his blog

I did it not as a money maker but as an excercise because I have not done any storyboard work in years. It is executed in Marker on paper.