Thursday, November 26, 2009

Most popular Works

So I've been looking at the stats for my site and it's great to see the amount of traffic that I am getting as well as to see which pieces of mine are most popular. It seems that you folks out there really are enjoying the Dragonlance images. That's great and I'm mildly surprised that the DL franchise is still going strong. I first read the Chronicles in the late 80's ( i know, i'm old!) and I loved the books then and I still love them now. Although, that recent animated feature was God Awful!

Thanks for stopping by everybody!

November Part 2

So I said I'd post more for November and since it's almost over I'd better get on it !

Here we go with a few more Metal Gear pieces.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I missed October!

Sorry gang for not posting last month. I guess I just got behind the 8 ball with life and forgot to post up something. I have been focusing mostly on Inking lately and wrapped up a couple of jobbies from earlier sketches. Although, I'm not sure if inking them was much of an improvement. I have this problem where I just like my sketches too much and something gets lost in the process of inking. I try to combat that by inking with " Panache". Ie bold strokes. You can be the judge to see if I have been successful. I'll be taking some time off mid month and I hope to post more and even include some colored works too!