Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Beholder

Time to get your Nerd on!
For all of you D& D geeks out there I put together a redesign of one of my favorite monsters. The Beholder. Now traditionally, the beholder is a floating eye with a mouth and the stalks are on top of it's head. At least thats what I've read. But to me, the beholder was more of a floating eye with stalks all over its body forming wavy patterns and basically a creature that you CAN NOT sneak up on.

I put together a quick animation of the Eye stalk blasting a hapless adventurer.


  1. Hi Mike great Beholder btw, brought me right back to my teenage years getting wasted by one of these in Gygax modules lol. Brilliant work m8 (Dave the Rage of Conan forums.)

    1. Heh heh. Thanks Dave. I never got to encounter one in a traditional RPG as I always got to be the DM but I got my butt kicked several times by them in the old TSR P.C. games like curse of the Azure Bonds etc.