Monday, January 5, 2015

Shadow Run Run Faster

Today I am sharing a bunch of work that I recently completed for Catalyst Game Labs newest Shadow Run product "RUN FASTER".

This was my first crack at Shadowrun and I had a lot of fun trying to wrap my head around cyberpunk trolls and Ork's. Although, it seems that every character in this setting had a false arm? ;) lol.

 First we have an undercover cop Ork chick. I submitted 2 versions, one with police lights and one without.

Next is a Tense Meeting. Imagine an argument between team mates going down in an Alt future  Pan- Asian Cyber Noodle Bar.

When a Vampire schoolgirl realizes that she just took out a pack of Biker Elves! WTF!

 Don't Mess with the Cyber Tank!

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