Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Medieval Warefare: King Richard

Hey all,

Today I get to post up my illustrations that I recently completed for Medieval Warfare Magazine's latest issue on King Richard the 1st, otherwise know as "The Lion heart". In this issue I contributed two illustrations. One depicting Richards siege at Acre and a double page spread of his glorious cavalry charge at Arsuf.

 In this image I am depicting Richard, to sick to fight yet he still insisted on going to the front and picking off Saracens with his crossbow.

 This image is of the cavalry charge that Richard and his knights made at the battle of Arsuf.
A closer look at the King in action.

For more information about this publication you can go Here and for a synopsis of the particular issue go Here.


  1. Great work Mike ! Are you expert in Medieval warfare?

  2. Hi Jean- Philippe. Thanks for the complement! I would not go so far as to call myself an expert but then again, by now I have illustrated a few battles and a couple of hundred period figures ranging from pig farmers to knights and even a king. So I guess I would say that I am very experienced compared to many and I continue to actively work in the field. Currently I am working on another interior spread for MW's newest issue so stay tuned for that and "The battle of Borough Bridge".

    1. Thanks Mike, keep up the good work! I will look for it. ;)

      Out of curiosity, how much do you get for such wonderful pieces? High thousands?

  3. Thanks Jean-Phillipe. If you want to talk business, send me an email and we can talk shop in private.