Friday, April 19, 2013

Brown Coat Recrutment Poster.

Hey all,

Today I am posting up a finished version of my Firefly/ Serenity "Browncoat" recruitment poster. Previously, I had posted up a link to just the drawing as a WIP on facebook and I got ripped for making a spelling error so here's hoping that I didn't make any more. lol ;)

Anyways, on to the piece.

Here are some up close images of the various character portraits.
Mal ( Nathan Fillion)
Zoey ( Gina Torres)
Tracy ( Johnathan M. Woodward)

I also have several variants besides the full color version and you can see those below.


For a more in depth article on my process for creating this image, please stop by my other blog The Daedalus Workshop Here

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  1. This is among my top 5 Firefly fan art pieces. Beautiful.