Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because I can, Another Sketch dump!

Looks like I am on pace for one Sketch Dump every 3 months or so. Well, here's hoping that I can pick it up some in 2011. The following is mostly pages from my sketchbook where I've been sticking to the riley method and my trusty bic pen.

You may notice several attempts by me at Drawing Field Marshal Montgomery with mixed success. I read the mans Autobiography and i can't help but respect the man despite his many flaws. In addition, he has a very unique and face with sharp yet " British" features and i've yet to completely " Capture" his likeness. Doubtless that there will be more Montgomery sketches to follow in the future. Perhaps someday, some one will refer to this as my " Montgomery Period" :)!

Thanks For Stopping by.

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