Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Posting

Well Now. At least I have been (barely) maintaining my one post a month commitment. For this month I have a Metal Gear image and some Character Designs that I did for a local Prop Shop Studio Y Creations for their annual IAAPA booth.

My assignment was to design two characters for an intergalactic poker tournament. I drew the "Sexy Chick" and the " Melting Robot". Each image I'm posting is a summary of the designs evolution from thumbnail sketch to a finished turnaround. The project itself was an interesting collaborative and good experience for me. I had to learn and tailor my designs around the constraints of the materials that we could use. The process was for the design to be first modeled in Z brush and then sculpted out of primarily foam. The robot it self was intended to be 12.5 feet tall when completed. The last I heard, this concept has been scrapped and these designs may never be realized. Oh well, at least they can live on here on my blog. The Designs are posted WITH PERMISSION received by David Nolan of Studio Y Creations.

1st: Metal Gear. Because I just can't get enough. Here is our hero having a romantic moment!

2: "Sexy Chick"
This was a fun one to do but it was one of those assignments where I had to swallow my tongue and do what the client wanted even though it did not appeal to my own personal aesthetics. In the end, the character wound up being a skinny caricature of Angelina Jolie with a leather suit and a skullcap.

#3. "Melting Robot":

This character was a challenge because he was in fact two characters in one and he was a mechanical object. I think I proved to myself that I can draw mechanical things with this one and I grew fond of the fishy alien driver.

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